Cave Moment

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Caving in Iceland is a dark, strange and unique experience. You literally walk into a world that once was glowing hot and bright but now is frozen black. In winter you even have ice stalagmites that can give the adventurer an otherworldly feeling.

Our lava caves are like veins of the volcanoes as molten lava flows through lava fields and forms these tunnels. When the volcano sleeps again it leaves behind empty shells that turn into an exciting underworld of caves for us to explore.

Our caving experience is special as we blend together a caving expedition and folklore, learning about the Elves or hidden people, ghosts, outlaws and other strange creatures of Iceland.

During our expedition we will look into these long held superstitions, make a toast in the local schnapps to warm us up and hunt for the hidden elf gold!

Our cave moment is enhanced with flickering lights, and fortune telling with the ancient and mysterious Viking runes. Everyone gets their very own rune necklace as a souvenir.

We promise an unforgettable journey into the earth!

hellir cave