Water Wellness

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We offer you a visit to our beautiful country for a unique taste of water more pure than you can imagine. Each day we try out different types of water while travelling and learning about Iceland and Icelanders. Upon arrival our guests enjoy a water welcome with a visit to the Blue Lagoon for some pampering and relaxing before heading to their Reykjavík hotel. The next days tour focuses on frozen and fiery water! We visit a glacier for a special treat as we will bore out an ice core to enjoy thousand year old water and discover a hot spring area for some egg boiling do a power yoga moment with a foothbath in a hot spring! Gifts like water bottles, handmade chocolate, power stones and handmade rune necklace are a part of our adventure and some magical moments were our folk belief is introduced to spice thing up! So welcome to our land of blue coloured waters, flickering Northern lights and unforgettable moments!

Take a breath of fresh air and a sip of clean water with us here in Iceland.water wellness 057