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GlacierIf you need a breath of fresh air Iceland is the place for you!  Ever since we started heating our houses geothermally in the early 1930's Iceland's become probably one of the most pollution free countries in the world.

When we travel on the glaciers for exciting snowmobile adventures the clean mountain air and the unique smell of snow and glacier will fill your senses.  The cold crisp air of the Arctic Winter nights adds to the magic of wonderful Northern Lights, the same as the summer scents of wild herbs and birch leaves add joy and serenity to our Outdoor Yoga Moments and Midnight Sun Tent Galas.

But as we're a nation of fishermen and surrounded on all sides by the sea the fresh smell of the Atlantic ocean is probably our number one favorite. 

The smell of sundried codfish or the very traditional fermented shark might be less to your liking during our Traditional Moment but nonetheless essential for your Iceland experience!   And if you really want to enjoy the Icelandic air to the fullest join us for a helicopter ride at the outskirts of Reykjavík and take in the view of volcanoes, lava fields and craters from above!

So breathe in and enjoy with us the many unique scents of Iceland.